Scheduled to be married August 10, 2013, Meghan Warren and Patrick Neeme were busy preparing for their big day. As each day grew closer to their wedding the excitment was building. Then early Sunday morning July 14, 2013, just a little less than four weeks from their big day, Meghan developed chest pains that would eventually lead to her heart stopping for nearly 19 minutes.

A medical team persevered to save her life and took extraordinary measures that would journey through hypothermeia to avoid brain damage which could possibly lead to a permanent disabilty or even death.

Through the nine day ordeal, hundreds and hundreds, then thousands and thousands, of prayer warriors from all walks of life and places joined together to pray for Meghan's life and recovery. The outpouring of prayers, love and acts of kindness was astonishing.

The doctors and nurses of Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan not only saved her life but successfuly navigated Meghan's recovery to full mental compacity. They expressed their amazement at Meghan's recovery as miraculous often refering to her as Miss Miracle.

Last summer Meghan graduated with her bachelor's degree in elementery education and spent the past year accumlating experience substitue teaching in the hopes of a full-time teaching position this fall. Therefore when Meghan began this journey she entered the hospital with no health insurance.  Fortunately the folks at Beaumont Hospital provide medical services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.  Through all the events the medical team took to save Meghan’s life and avoid any long term disabilities they never once raised the issue of payment.  Nonetheless a substantial debt was incurred as a result of these events. Once married, Meghan will be eligible to be added to Patrick’s employer provided health insurance.

Friends and families members have rallied behind Meghan to organize this fund raising drive to help defray the medical costs associated with these events. Please help Meghan and Patrick begin their lives together without the burden of medical costs by donating to the Meghan Warren - Medical Assistance Fund.

* all proceeds from this fund raiser will be used exclusively to cover Meghan's medical costs incurred from these events and her subsequent recovery. Excess funds, if any, will be donated to charity.